photography by Susanne Hefti

22.01.2021 - 22.02.2021

Susanne Hefti & Vincent Graf

The exhibition "NOLLI LOOP 12m2 normal-looking flat on sale hides incredible secret in basement" addresses the manufactured material of everyday experience. Representing ruins of neoliberal architectures and mediatic fluxes of images, the exhibition tests these layers departing from its position in the city.

Susanne Hefti shows architectural models from the Aussersihl neighborhood (around Langstrasse) where comparisons of utilization rates, individual properties, and common areas help understanding political and economic interests behind urban planning.

Vincent Graf presents an animation made up of drawings from newspaper images. Drawn one after another on the same paper sheet, in this process, the paper is used as an optic device where erasure is as important as addition.

photography by al_vista

10.01.2021 - 22.01.2021

Isabel Cordovil

photography by Jasmine Gregory

19.11.- 7.01.2021

For their collaborative installation "Kämpfer<3en", Shamiran Istifan and Roman Selim Khereddine transform the al_vista exhibition space into a miniature cockfighting venue. The open pit raises the question where the arena – both literal and metaphorical – starts and where it ends.

photography by al_vista

3.11.2020 - 19.11.2020

Isabel Cordovil

photography by al_vista

11.09.- 25.10.2020

FORECAST (your morning is as good as your mattress) challenges the methods of commercial rhetoric by appropriating and re-contextualising its semiotic material.The ambiguity of this language — with its pretence to communicate directly while simultaneously relying on a network of preconceptions, gender ideals and sexual desires — is fragmented by Jelena Vanoverbeek’s use of montage and juxtaposition.How do these models shape public ambitions and future imaginations?

photography by al_vista

03.07.2020 - 16.08.2020

We know how to measure time. We know what time is as long as we don’t have to explain it. It is a useful fiction that structures lives. Substance of sci-fi explorations into the realms of the possible. The perpetually perishing present moment you can never grasp. The illusion of history as progress, the reality of the countdown until our own death-to-come, the longing of the long wait.

Stemming from thoughts about distortions in the fabric of time, The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense. is comprised of three works by Leila Peacock which reflect on how we conceive of the temporal.

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Solar Show is a five-episode work by Rebecca Solari presented at al_vista until February 2021. It is a site-specific-guided-tour-tv-show accessible via links in different locations around Langstrasse that plays with different genres, codes, and characters - Langstrasse regulars, art students, or Hollywood stars - in a hypnotic game of self-representation. Solar Show hosts impossible interviews, role-playing games, and decadent celebrities because that’s the path to SUCCESS.

The first episode ‘A Star Is Born’ is accessible through a link installed at al_vista’s window. Following episodes and access locations:


  1. A Star Is Born - 14th June 2020 - Dienerstrasse 33 / al_vista
  2. Stars Confess - 27th August 2020 - Langstrasse 124 / späti 24h shop
  3. Art Is The Guilty Star - 10th December 2020 / Summergarte / altes Zeughaus
  4. The Show Is Boring - 11th February 2021 / Marmorgasse 9 / Superstar Solari
  5. The Show Must Go On - 28th February 2021 / Langstrasse / Palastine Grill

photography by al_vista

04.05.2020 - 14.06.2020

customer satisfaction is our main motivation is made up of subtle acts of subversion that disturb contemporary modes of production and decorate our everyday delirium. Working with familiar references, ordinary gestures and holiday plans, promises of escapism and endless happiness are broken.

Andrea Raemy repurposes materials from crafting and construction to reflect on notions of softness, resistance and the (im)possibility of action. In this exhibition she intertwines in a gestic way rudeness and poetics of homeliness.

Dominique Joller
is harnessing handwoven tapestry to reproduce the imagery of advertisement. This paradoxical movement of production is decelerating the logic of these images in a profit-oriented economy.

Simona Ferrari uses the neon sign in the urban context to display architecture as a bidimensional image. This act of doubling is withal performed through the notion of looking as a bodily experience.

photography by al_vista

15.04.2020 - 02.05.2020

In between the exhibitions, the shutter of al_vista is occupied with Ardil Yalinkiliç’s Contemporary Poetry. These are poems the artist created using the limited vocabulary of Tinder profiles of men that he has collected.

photography by Stéphanie Gygax

03.03.2020 - 12.04.2020

the absolute minimum for a short-term well-being
reflects on precarious structures, both social and material, that define our current located condition. From the need of production to the speed of obsolescence, the exhibition explores the constant fear of becoming disposable.

Jiajia Zhang works with citations from art and popular culture. At Dienerstrasse she enlarges a screenshot she took from the cover of a recent exhibition catalogue of Julie Becker, suggesting close ties between artistic production, private space and real estate.

Adrian Fernandez Garcia creates a vocabulary of dysfunctional technical objects. Washfountain is a hacked fountain that compromises the hope in technical solutions. A spectacular view to a stainless steel circular multistation hand wash appliance.

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